Tilted cervix and sex

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Did you really think cramps would end when you stopped having your period for nine months? Welcome to pregnancy and all the little aches and pains — and yes, cramps in your legs, back and abdominal area — that come with it. Including after sex. You'll also want to talk to your doctor if your post-sex cramps come with symptoms like severe dizziness or headache to rule out preeclampsia. After orgasm, your body sends a rush of blood to your uterus, which can cause those uncomfortable cramps in your groin.

Dana's Story Ch. 29

Uterus: Anatomy, Function, and Conditions

Dana shares the hot tub with Zoe and Bobby, and feels quite daring. She feels a lot of pleasure, too, especially when the three of them adjourn to Zoe's bedroom for a long night of sex. Sitting in the sunken hot tub on a cold January night was very nice. A delicious heat enveloped Dana to her neck, and the soothing pulse of the jets massaged her skin delightfully. If, as happened periodically, she started to feel overheated, rising to sit on the edge of the tub cured that problem swiftly.

Short Cervix

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All hail the IUD , one of the best options anyone with a uterus has in the way of reliable long-term contraception. The little T-shaped device fits right inside the uterus and comes in both hormonal and non-hormonal forms. The hormonal IUDs —Mirena, which last for five years, and Skyla and Liletta, which last for three—thicken cervical mucus, making it harder for sperm to squirm their way over to an egg.

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