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A new chemical treatment that can segregate male and female sperm could one day mean parents going through IVF could choose whether they have a boy or girl. Scientists discovered the sperm with the X chromosome which gives rise to females slowed down when when a certain chemical was added while sperm with the male Y chromosome sped up. In experiments with mice sperm, scientists found they could produce litters that were 90 per cent male, according to the study published in Plos Biology. When the slower sperm were used, litters were 81 per cent female. The X chromosome has many genes while the shorter male Y chromosome has fewer, and this difference in gene expression meant scientists could distinguish between the two. Researchers, led by Masayuki Shimada from Hiroshima University, believe this technique is likely to be applicable to other mammals.
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is it possible for a man to have only one gender sperm?

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Sperm can now be easily separated into male and female

Chimeras are the result of fusion of two zygotes to form a single embryo, producing an individual with genetically different kinds of tissue. If the fused zygotes are of different sex, the individual develops both ovarian and testicular tissues. The majority of these people are best reared as females and many pregnancies with living offspring have been reported in persons reared as females, and several cases has fathered a child. During ovulation, a negative pressure occurs in the lumen of the oviduct and it produces a vacuum effect which has made several pregnancies possible in subjects lacking an ipsilateral ovary by allowing the transperitoneal migration of oocyte from the contralateral gonad. Self-fertilization was reported in many flowering plants, in a kind of fish and in a case of rabbit.
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Male & Female Sex Hormones – Definition & Functions

Skip navigation. In the s in the United States Landrum B. Shettles developed the Shettles method, which is a procedure for couples to use prior to and during an intercourse to increase their chances of conceiving a fetus of their desired sex. Shettles, a physician, who specialized in obstetrics and gynecology, found a difference in the size and shape of male sperm cells that he correlated with the different sex chromosomes they carry. The Shettles method is based on the idea that male-producing sperm prefer alkaline conditions, whereas female-producing sperm prefer acidic conditions.
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A Newcastle University study involving thousands of families is helping prospective parents work out whether they are likely to have sons or daughters. The work by Corry Gellatly, a research scientist at the university, has shown that men inherit a tendency to have more sons or more daughters from their parents. This means that a man with many brothers is more likely to have sons, while a man with many sisters is more likely to have daughters. The research involved a study of family trees containing information on , people from North America and Europe going back to
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