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Your after-sex routine probably goes something like this: cuddle, chat, and if it's bedtime, fall into an endorphin-rich postcoital slumber. But sometimes, your body has other plans. Vaginal itching , soreness , and discharge can make it impossible to get comfortable, while your mind may start racing and your body can start brewing up below-the-belt troubles. Here, six weird things that can happen to your body after sex, and exactly how to cope with each one. We've all been told that sex isn't supposed to hurt—but in reality, painful sex happens, and it could be for a variety of different reasons. If you reached orgasm during sex, you may experience some cramping in your uterus afterward.

5 Side Effects of Sex That Are Totally and Completely Normal

Drug and Medication Side Effects

Winstrol side effects are the equivalent of a really bad date. Except, when a bad date ends, you can pretty much pull yourself back together and get back to normal life the next day. They can linger around a little longer, like a crazy ex-girlfriend who wants to inflict punishment on you and refuses to go away. You may consider it a good option for bringing out the buff in your body, but it can also take one heck of a toll your health. If quality of life is high on your list of priorities, stay tuned. Winstrol, also known as stanozolol, is a popular steroid amongst bodybuilders because of its ability to get you shredded without sacrificing size. Winstrol is popular with bodybuilders, due to its ability to increase muscle size, strength and endurance without causing water retention.

Drug and Medication Side Effects

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing — but some of the side effects can be icky, embarrassing, and downright annoying. We're talking about excessive or unexpected bodily fluids, itching, swelling, gas, and These often come with the territory when you're growing a brand-new person. But if icky pregnancy side effects are becoming bothersome, click the links to our articles below.
Practicing safe anal sex is not as intuitive as safe vaginal sex, so Cosmopolitan. Don't have anal sex if your anus isn't clean and your bowels are still full. Because there's less lubrication and the hole is less elastic, you're more likely to get tiny tears in your skin during anal sex, so keeping the area as clean as possible is best for preventing infections. Don't use the same condom if you switch between vaginal and anal sex.

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