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I recently met a guy with a sexual secret. He was 39, in great shape, and in his spare time was a CrossFit athlete. But he had diabetes, and he told me that it made him impotent. Besides, an erect, on-demand, rock hard schlong that could go for hours?
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When it comes to embracing and loving our bodies, seeing more and more size diversity in the fashion industry is an amazing first step. But photographer Substantia Jones thinks we need to get even more real. Her artistic, unretouched, mostly nude photos of people she prefers to simply call "fat" fully expose all the soft curves, ripples, and layers we've been taught to hide, fear, and judge—and suddenly, it's hard not to see them as beautiful. Click on to read more about her empowering photo series, the Adipositivity Project.
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In her blue dress, with her cheeks lightly flushed, her blue, blue eyes, and her gold curls pinned up as though for the first time - pinned up to be out of the way for her flight - Mrs. Raddick's daughter might have just dropped from this radiant heaven. Raddick's timid, faintly astonished, but deeply admiring glance looked as if she believed it, too; but the daughter didn't appear any too pleased - why should she? Indeed, she was bored - bored as though Heaven had been full of casinos with snuffy old saints for croupiers and crowns to play with. There's the car, and you'll have tea and we'll be back here on this step - right here - in an hour.
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I was at a friend's birthday party at a bar when I saw my future boyfriend Brian from across the room, talking to the birthday boy. Brian was the type of guy I spent most of high school and college and my entire adult life pining after and never getting: slim, with dark hair and glasses, his jeans torn in all the best places. He had a beautiful mouth that was excitedly saying things I couldn't hear, but was making everyone around him laugh. If I had still been at my heaviest weight, I never would have approached Brian. As a fat woman, I have been taught that there is an order of operations for love: First, you get thin; then, you can date who you want.
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