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One theory advanced to account for the breed's unusually stable and congenial-to-people disposition is that he is far too formidable a beast for it to be prudent to allow vicious individuals to survive and thus to propagate This selective process tended to weed out the mean dogs and has left us with a dog with an almost ridiculously amiable disposition. The mean ones are the aberrations still. But the aberrations are more numerous. America has a four-legged problem called the American pit bull terrier.

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Caroline Coile. You articulate what I want to slap into people's heads everyday! Reading this it seems as if you've met my Marley. He is my big "Boo. What a lovely article and so accurate -- we have one of these excuse me, she has us wonderful animals. There should be a copy of this article posted outside the cages of all the Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes , in all the shelters across the country although I do realize we'd kill a ton of trees. Your article has communicated exactly what the breed is about

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Doctors have been forced to amputate a man's legs and parts of his hands after he suffered sepsis believed to be caused by being licked by a dog. Greg Manteufel, 48, was exhibiting flu-like symptoms and becoming delirious when bruises began appearing across his face and body. His wife, Dawn Manteufel, watched the bruises grow as she rushed him to the hospital, later telling local news outlet WITI it "looked like somebody beat him up with a baseball bat. Within moments of being admitted to the Wisconsin-area hospital at the end of June, Mr Manteufel went into septic shock. Blood tests revealed he had contracted a potentially fatal bacteria to humans through a dog, likely his own.
Keep up with Garden and Gun. By Bronwen Dickey. I met her in the mountains of upstate South Carolina back in the winter of —she belonged to some friends of mine—and the minute she trotted out to greet me, I felt certain that things would not go well.

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