Adult attachment interview

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People with insecure, anxious, disorganized attachment styles can rest easy. The science behind the year-old theory of infant attachment is vanishingly thin and being dismissed by an increasingly large body of psychology researchers and clinicians, such as Judith Rich Harris and Tiffany Field. But how has the theory, which states that the first attachment style a child experiences will stick with them for life, persisted among parents and professionals for so long? The theory was later applied to humans, hypothesizing that if an infant successfully bonds with their primary caregivers, they will be able to have largely secure, emotionally stable relationships throughout their lives, and by extension, superior mental and emotional health. More importantly, if they are not able to connect or bond, they are doomed to a life of instability and much-needed therapy. The notion that what a mother does during the first few years of life psychologically makes or breaks a child caught on because it told people what they wanted to hear.
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Attachment measures

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Attachment Styles | Simply Psychology

Attachment measures refer to the various procedures used to assess attachment in children and adults. Researchers have developed various ways of assessing attachment in children, including the Strange Situation and story-based approaches such as Attachment Story Completion Test. These methods allow children to be classified into four attachment styles : secure, anxious-ambivalent, anxious-avoidant, and disorganised, called 'A, B, C,and D' in research. Attachment in adults is commonly measured using the Adult Attachment Interview and self-report questionnaires.
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Adult Attachment: What Is It, And Why Does It Matter?

Discover how early childhood experiences with your parents impacts your ability to develop relationships as an adult. Free Attachment Quiz. Unconscious patterns become set in place by the time we are two years old.
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Most of the early research on attachment centered on infant and childhood attachment. Yet, attachment happens throughout the lifespan. After researchers started studying adult attachment during the s, they realized that the subject was well worth understanding better. That's because attachment in adulthood is like childhood attachments in some ways, but in other ways, it's strikingly different. What's more, it continues to impact your life for as long as you live.
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