Diagnosis code for latex allergy

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Contact with these products can cause an allergic reaction. Some people have allergic reactions by breathing in latex fibers in the air. Some people have allergic reactions from skin contact with latex. Synthetic latex, such as that in latex paint, does not come from the sap of a Brazilian rubber tree. Exposure to synthetic latex does not cause the symptoms of latex allergy. An allergic reaction is an abnormal response of the immune system to a harmless substance.
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Latex Allergy: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Prevention

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Z Latex allergy status - ICDCM Diagnosis Codes

Latex allergy is a reaction to certain proteins found in natural rubber latex, a product made from the rubber tree. If you have a latex allergy, your body mistakes latex for a harmful substance. Latex allergy may cause itchy skin and hives or even anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening condition that can cause throat swelling and severe difficulty breathing. Your doctor can determine if you have a latex allergy or if you're at risk of developing a latex allergy.
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Latex Food Syndrome Triggers and Treatment

Latex allergy is a 20th century phenomenon. It was first described in and diagnosed for the first time in with a prick test. During the HIV epidemic in the 80s and 90s, there was a significant increase in glove wearing in medical settings.
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The code T The code is exempt from present on admission POA reporting for inpatient admissions to general acute care hospitals. According to ICDCM Guidelines a "sequela" code should be used for chronic or residual conditions that are complications of an initial acute disease, illness or injury.
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