Sperm clot while ejaculation

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Sometimes the things you'd never bring up in polite company are the most interesting. Case in point: semen. It's one of those sex -related subjects that's shrouded in so much mystery, it becomes even more intriguing. There are the obvious facts: it's a major part of getting someone pregnant and has garnered a lot of laughs in movies. There's Something About Mary , anyone? But beyond that, semen is actually one of those things that will probably make you marvel at how amazing the human body is.
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Spermatozoon - Wikipedia

The seminal vesicles also known as the vesicular or seminal glands are a pair of glands found in the male pelvis, which function to produce many of the constituent ingredients of semen. In this article we will consider the anatomical relations, functions, neurovascular relations and clinical significance of the seminal vesicles. The seminal glands are a pair of 5cm long tubular glands. Internally the gland has a honeycombed, lobulated structure with a mucosa lined by pseudostratified columnar epithelium. These columnar cells are highly influenced by testosterone, growing taller with higher levels, and are responsible for the production of seminal secretions. The S eminal glands, along with the E jaculatory ducts, E pididymis and D uctus vas deferens, are derived from the mesonephric ducts, the precursor structure of male internal genitalia.
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The Urinary Bladder

The presence of blood in the semen is also called hematospermia. It can be caused by many conditions affecting the male genitourinary system. Areas affected may include: the bladder, the urethra, the testicles, the tubes that distribute semen from the testicles known as the seminal vesicles , the epididymis a segment of the spermatic ducts that serves to store, mature, and transport sperm , and the prostate gland.
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